About Creative Cat's Studio

Hi there, I'm Tricia Beal, the cat behind the studio door. Creative Cat's Studio is a one-woman outfit that specializes in Illustration and Fine Art.

My preferred subject is animals and wildlife, but I like to mix them up with a street-style aesthetic. I'm heavily influenced by urban culture and find inspiration in the diversity of textures and colors found in the city. I create my work using multimedia techniques including drawing, painting, collage and digital.

My artwork is focused on human interpretation of the natural world, specifically our inability to escape our own perceptions. We are unable to fully grasp what it is to be a cat, a dog, or any other creature, therefore we will never fully understand them. I feel we give our fellow creatures far less credit than they deserve. Appreciating the complexity and interconnectedness of nature is key to solving environmental issues, though I fear it is too little, too late.


About Me

I am an endless, though sometimes melancholy, optimist with an extreme amount of patience, an obsession with felines, and a severe coffee addiction. I am a quiet and illusive sort of creature who may rely too much on the powers of observation and listening.

Music is how I deal, art keeps me sane, the ocean renews my soul, the city is full of energy and endless possibilities, and the forest is like visiting a long lost friend, quiet and steadfast. I can't get over my flat out awe of nature. It has driven the art I make since I was a child. 


I would love to hear from you! I am open to commissions, illustration inquiries, and friendly conversation.


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